Team: Luc Smeulders AXITO Software


Owner & Developer

The computer and programming have played a major role in Luc's life since childhood. That started with the Commodore-64, with which he and Jacky were bitten by the bug of programming. During his further studies as an Industrial Engineer at the KIHL in Diepenbeek, that passion only grew.

After his studies, a life in IT became almost self-evident. Luc was well aware that that meant he would have to learn for life, master new techniques and programming languages... And that makes it just as fascinating for him to this day.

Luc is mainly engaged in improving existing or developing new modules. And if support questions come in that are not resolved on 1-2-3, he will help you find the solution.

In his spare time, Luc regularly goes cycling, mountain biking or hiking. But even then, he regularly catches himself thinking about current projects again. For example, solutions often spontaneously present themselves, which he can then get to work with. That microbe won't let go of him...