AXITO specializes in administrative business software that can be used by every employee.

For us at AXITO, service, transparency and honesty are of paramount importance. We aim for a customer-friendly IT environment. An IT environment without worries, which will allow you to fully concentrate on your own core business.

A bit of history

In 1991, Jacky founded CTS Software. As a systems analyst-programmer by training with a specialization in accounting, his goal was to develop user-friendly software for the self-employed and SMEs. Not much later, in 1992, brother Luc Smeulders, who had just graduated as an industrial engineer, joined the company.


Jacky and Luc developed an administrative software package that is technically and functionally is on point. With the special smartKEY approach, the super fast input speed is central. This approach is a boon to bookkeepers and white-collar workers alike.


Since 2004, AXITO bvba is the successor of CTS Software. AXITO is a unique registered brand name, which is very difficult to realize with 3-letter words such as CTS. With a little goodwill you will recognize in AXITO the idea “Action in IT for Enterprises”.


AXITO specializes in administrative business software that can be used by every employee, and that is simple, fast and cost-efficient.

Organisatie AXITO

Core values of the brother Jacky and Luc 

  • “Helping our customers in a timely and correct manner”
  • “With our products and services we help our customers to achieve their goals.”
  • "To be a good and reliable supplier for our customers"
  • "To be an attractive employer for our employees."
  • “We strive to contribute to a better environment in which to live and work.”