Team: Valentino Bottazzo - AXITO-software


Digital Marketeer

As a true millennial, Valentino is bitten by everything related to technology and digitization.


Despite being passionate about computer science from an early age, he chose to pursue another passion as part of his higher studies: literature. With a Bachelor's degree in Language and Literature and a Master's degree in Western Literature, he plunged into the labor market after his studies at KU Leuven. In 2016 he found his way to AXITO, where he currently works as a Digital Marketeer.


For Valentino, lifelong learning is not just a buzz phrase, but a life motto. He has been taking evening programming classes since 2017 and to further expand his marketing knowledge, he obtained a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing at PXL in 2018.


Sports are also an important part of his life. As a black belt, he is president of the local taekwondo club. He also practices hapkido and can often be found in the fitness center. His other leisure activities include reading, gaming and gardening.

Dr. Haubenlaan 3 bus 33, BE-3630 Maasmechelen +32 (0)89 77 88 77