Linking your webshop with your ERP: do’s-and-don’ts for a successful integration.

Save time and money, without losing track of the big picture. These are the characteristics that should be focused on. Would you like to avoid unnecessary research and a bad purchase? This is what you need to know about it.


Webshop setup: what to watch out for?


There are many options for setting up an online store. We can make a division between 2 different platforms, namely software as a service (SaaS for short) and an open source webshop.


With SaaS you can configure the web shop to your liking within a detailed framework. Usually no changes are needed in the underlying code. Desired adjustments can therefore be done easily and quickly. This includes for example the layout and navigation menu of your shop.


The better provider of these types of webshops will always ensure that the webshop has a modern look. After all, the “theme” with which you work is constantly up-to-date.


An open source webshop, on the other hand, gives you more freedom. The possibilities are almost endless these days. However, there is also a downside to it. This solution is particularly time-consuming to set up and to maintain. The costs can therefore be high. You can often easily link both platforms to your own domain (name).


Furthermore, search engines have become an indispensable part of the digital street scene. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) remains an important item, where a good interpretation and structure are mainly important. After all, you want that you – and your articles – are easily found by potential buyers. At the same time, SEA (Search Engine Advertising) can be a valuable addition to your marketing mix for both open source and SaaS platforms.

Linking your webshop to your ERP


In an ideal world, your business software and your webshop are connected. The purpose of such links is that you do not have to do anything twice. With ‘offline selling the available stock on your online shop should also decrease immediately and automatically. This way you don't have to disappoint customers!


Do you sell online/on your webshop? Then it is a must that your administration software updates the stock so that you are aware of available stock at all times.


Are you adding new items to your range? Then it is best to do so from your administration package.


Other points of interest? Consider, for example, the processing of orders placed online in your ERP, the synchronization of customer data and product images, the setting of end-of-life articles, etc.

Webshopkoppeling AXITO & Shopify - AXITO Software

AXITO-Shopify: de koppeling tussen ERP en webshop

For the connection of AXITO with a webshop, we have opted for a SaaS solution: Shopify, also one of the largest providers on the market. The possibilities within Shopify are of such magnitude that the shop can adopt your house style without any problems.


Furthermore, the functionalities of this SaaS are very extensive. We see Shopify as a true partner. We therefore have a ready-to-use link available between Shopify and our software package. The big advantage of this is that we can set up a webshop in no time. Moreover the coupling reduces maintenance to a minimum.


Interested? Feel free to take a look at the page of the webshoplink. Or discover all the possibilities in a no-obligation meeting with a consultant or ask your question by sending an e-mail to