Execute every command with 1 single keyboard stroke


"Everyone should try this method. I barely use the mouse these days, but I worker faster than ever before! "


M. Verschoten 

What is SmartKEY?

SmartKEY is AXITO’s ultra-fast keyboard approach. With only 1 keyboard stroke you execute any command you need. 

To ensure enough familiarity, our software is also fully mouse and touchscreen compatible.

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Advantages of SmartKEY 

  • Work up to 40% faster with our SmartKEY-approach
  • Easier to focus means less effort
  • Fewer operations and therefore more efficient
  • Say no to RSI and do away with the unilateral overload of your mouse hand
Work smarter, not harder

If you want to print something, simply press the P button. If you want to add something, simply press the T key. The handy thing about these hotkeys is that both the uppercase letter T and the lowercase letter t work with SmartKEY.
It's that simple! So no difficult key combinations such as Ctrl/T or Alt/T and no unnecessary mouse movements.

Work healthier

Prevent painful RSI, and work with AXITO's SmartKEY. Not only 40% faster, but also good for your health!