Software for your garage or car workshop

  • Modular: only pay for the desired functionalities
  • Includes link to Belgian Car-Pass
  • Car register of the workshop is fully integrated
  • All-in-one pakket, with bookkeeping if you wish
  • Over 30 years of experience

Pick up your all-in-one bundle from € 29,- per month 


Why choose for AXICAR?

  • Excellent service and guidance
  • All-in-one software
  • Specifically made for the automotive industry
  • Send and receive all of your documents digitally 
  • Car-Pass and car register fully integrated by default

More advantages

We love numbers:
years of experience

Our most popular solutions

  • Invoicing
  • Work orders
  • Stock management of all your parts
  • Visual planning and scheduling
  • Exchanging digital UBL-files (for instance to your accountant)
  • Import car information by means of the Auto Connect LOOKUP

Discover all our solutions

AXICAR Koppeling Car-Pass logo - AXITO Software

Link with Car-Pass

  • For years we have been certified as Car-Pass Approved DMS
  • Register all mileages automatically
  • Correct & more via AXICAR
  • Request vehicle history via AXICAR

Discover the link with Car-Pass

AXICAR Koppeling Car-Pass logo - AXITO Software

Link with Car-Pass

  • For years we have been certified as Car-Pass Approved DMS
  • Register all mileages automatically
  • Correct & more via AXICAR
  • Request vehicle history via AXICAR

Discover the link with Car-Pass

With heaps of extra features
UBL-ready e-invoicing
Payment calendar
Export your VAT declaration
Import CODA-files
Tracking and processing direct debits
Import car information
Digital work orders
Visual planning and scheduling
Our helpdesk employees are always prepared to help you! Grant us temporary control over your computer. You can follow along and keep an eye on what we are doinelijk uw computer over. U kunt meevolgen en behoudt alle controle.

How can you get started?

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Step 1
Approve the quotation
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Step 2
Icoon raket
Step 3
Going live
What customers have to say...

Colemont & Partners bvba from Hasselt


" We have been a customer of AXITO since January 2002. The program is easy to use and very complete. I can even say that I only need an accountant for my balance sheets, once a year.

I work in the cloud, which is a big advantage because I can use the program from anywhere."


Edgard Colemont - Owner

B & V Cars bv from Merchtem

"We have been satisfied for years with our AXICAR package in the CLOUD, in which we can easily carry out our administration for the purchase and sale of vehicles. We are also very satisfied with the telephone service, where the support department has always helped me quickly and correctly."

Julien Brouns Landbouwmachines uit Maaseik


"Since we have been using your services for 28 years, we can say that we are satisfied customers. The accounting part of the program is very user-friendly and can be expanded at any time, if there are any problems, they are solved quickly and professionally. So definitely recommended."

Mia Driessen

Olaerts Jozef from Zutendaal

“I have been working with the AXITO application since 1992. It's an incredibly easy program to work with, also thanks to its fast smartKEY keyboard approach. In addition, very stable operation. Rarely if ever a problem. Fantastic service from the employees.”

Berben Servicestation from Maasmechelen

"Very good and correct service. Our company has been a customer since 1992, I think that says it all. If we have a problem, we get a ready-made solution in the shortest possible time. A few weeks ago on Saturday a serious problem and I was even helped very well on Saturday. Friendly and helpful owners AND employees. I can absolutely recommend this company."

Saora BVBA from Haacht

“We are very satisfied with the service provided. And AXITO's software is very easy to understand..”

Burke Trading BV from  Oudsbergen

“AXITO is a very easy and user-friendly program. Everything is possible according to the wishes of the customer. In addition, excellent and fast service. If there is a problem, it is quickly resolved.”

AXICAR is our application for garage owners and car dealers that reduces your administrative tasks to a minimum. AXICAR distinguishes itself in terms of ease of use, personal support and numerous functionalities. An all-in-one program, supplemented with integrated links, means that you only have to work in 1 package to complete your administration! This can range from CRM (relationship management) to time registration. It is even possible to use our fully integrated accounting module. Would you rather forward all documents to your accountant? Then it can be sent in numerous file formats that are compatible with other accounting programs. You only pay for the functionalities you need.


The package provides you with a clear overview of your sales histories and the maintenance and repair histories per car in one click. Everything at hand! This also applies to requesting vehicle data, forwarding the data to the Car-Pass and maintaining the digital register book.


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