SME e-wallet


As of 22/09/2014, AXITO bvba has been officially recognized by the Flemish government as a service provider for the domain of training.


This means that the Flemish government pays 20 to 30% (depending on the size of your organization) of your AXITO training costs.

What is the SME e-wallet? 

The SME e-wallet is a subsidy measure of the Flemish government. This encourages small and medium-sized enterprises within the Flemish Region to invest in their most valuable business unit, namely their personnel.


The following conditions apply::

  • The subsidy contribution applies to all courses of AXITO, which are followed by workers in a Flemish company with the aim of improving the current or future business functioning.
  • You must follow the course with study guidance from your AXITO teacher.
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The road to a 30% subsidy via the SME e-wallet

Our AXITO employees are happy to help you submit the subsidy application. To receive a 20 to 30% subsidy on the tuition fee, you only need to follow a few steps:


Step 1. Select a course and register with AXITO

Register yourself or your employee(s) with AXITO (by telephone, in writing or via our website). Note on the form "payment by employer via SME e-wallet". Write down the address details of the student and of your company.


Step 2. Subsidy request

Go to and submit a request for funding for the AXITO course. Please note: your right to a subsidy expires 14 days after the start date of your course.


Step 3. Confirmation of course request

As soon as the request for a subsidy for the course has been submitted, this will be confirmed by AXITO via the SME e-wallet.



Step 4. Deposit of tuition in electronic wallet

You will receive a request from the SME e-wallet to pay your part of the tuition fee for the course.


Step 5. Course payment

After your part of the tuition fee has been paid, the remaining amount will be supplemented by the Flemish government.


Step 6. Payment confirmation

To ensure that the payment is processed correctly, activate it on the SME e-walletwebsite.


Are you eligible?

The Flemish government pays up to 30% of the AXITO course. This makes it very attractive for you as an employer to apply for the SME subsidy for yourself and/or your employee(s). The grant can be applied for by:

  • employers of all small and medium-sized enterprises within the Flemish Region;
  • self-employed people and those who practice a liberal profession.

Want to know more? 

If you would like to know more about the possibilities with the SME e-wallet, please contact our employees.
They will gladly help you!