address book

Customers, suppliers and employees can already be added by default. With this module you can go one step further by adding other relations as well. Also a more extensive CRM-F7 function included.

Other relationships

Unlimited address pants and contacts. The address book module has the function of registering contact details of companies and individuals. Acquaintances, family, government agencies, possible suppliers, etc. can also be added to the address book .

Extensive CRM function

The Address Book module also offers you the option of making more extensive use of the CRM-F7 function. This means that in addition to managing the contact details of your relations, you can also add extra notes to a contact. This can, for example, be about special agreements with customers, a summary of the appointment, and so on.

The F7 function is already provided by default, but with the help of the address book, the possibilities become considerably more extensive: Files, etc. can also be linked to each F7 note.

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