Barcode scanning

Save time by scanning your items using a scanner. Our barcode software enables quick sales  + rapid recording of your inventory, etc.

The ultimate tool to accelerate your daily sales: the barcode module

Creating and printing barcodes thanks to the barcode module. Very fast sales possible with the help of a barcode scanner (obviously useful to avoid long queues at the checkout). If you choose to work with barcodes, you also choose to make as few mistakes as possible, and to handle your sale with the highest possible return. This module also has the option of directly drawing up and printing a purchase document (e.g. purchase delivery note)  and/or sales document (e.g. sales invoice or sales delivery note).

Barcodemodule: barcodes - AXITO-software

Three major advantages of the barcode module:

  • Create your own or copy existing barcodes
  • Fast processing of sales documents + less chance of errors
  • Fast way to count or track your inventory.
Adding barcodes to articles
Barcodemodule & barcodes scannen - AXITO-software