Exchange e-docs in UBL

Exchange electronic documents in UBL with your customer, supplier or accountant, directly from end point to end point. Your administration has never been easier.

UBL-ready e-invoicing


UBL is the Universal Business Language and defines a range of standard XML business documents, intended to support and digitize the commercial and logistical processes for domestic and international supply chains such as procurement, transportation, logistics, intermodal freight management and other supply chains . You can also think of UBL as a universal language that allows business applications and trading communities to exchange data using a common format.

All exchange possibilities included.


    AXITO boekhoudmodule


    • Purchase invoices: Import e-purchase invoices to post them directly to your purchase journal. Export your purchase vouchers to import them elsewhere.

    • Sales invoices: Import e-sales invoices from another billing application. Export your sales vouchers to import them elsewhere.




      • Quotations: Import e-quotes from other quotation software. Export eQuotes so your customers can view the quote from their own software.

      • Purchase orders: Import e-orders from any other application. Export e-orders to send to your customers an order confirmation.

      • Delivery notes: Import e-delivery notes into AXITO's delivery note module. Export e-delivery notes to send to your customers.

      • Sales invoices: Import e-sales invoices from another billing app into the AXITO billing module. Export e-sales invoices to send to your customers or the accountant.




        • Purchase Orders: Import and export purchase order forms.

        • Purchase delivery: notes Import and export purchase delivery notes.