Pricing and discount management

If you work with multiple prices and/or discounts, you can define these in advance, based on customer number, customer group, date (promo prices), purchased quantity, etc.

Pricing and discount management: a tool for everyone

This module offers interesting options for wholesalers and companies that use multiple prices and discounts.

In some cases, the price and discount may vary depending on the customer, situation and quantity. In other words, you can apply a different price and/or discount for each day, for each customer, for each item (or item group) and for each quantity. This can be useful, for example, during the sales period!

Lots of possible conditions
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Pricing management vs. discount management

  • Pricing management: Create several pricing policies. Each customer or customer group can have its own pricing policy. After all, a large customer who purchases a lot is entitled to a private individual who only buys something once a year.
  • Discount management: Assume fixed (sometimes even official) end-user prices, and allocate certain discount percentages to certain customers or customer groups.

Per customer or per customer group

  • Per customer: You can assign prices or discount percentages to each customer individually.
  • Per customer group: You can divide your customers into large customer groups ('Discount codes'). You then link such a discount code to a specific customer, so that this customer will, fully automatically, receive the price agreements, which belong to this customer group (discount code).
  • Both approaches (per customer, or per customer group) can be mixed and/or combined.


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