Accounting software

A simplepowerful and professional accounting application from €34 per month!


Due to the fast learning curve, the AXITO accounting program is suitable for people with little or no accounting knowledge, as well as for professional accountants. After all, simplicity doesn't hurt, and you also save time!

Accounting software that also works for non-bookkeepers

Doesn't everyone want to enter and analyze your company's accounting in a simple and quick manner? Due to the fast learning curve, the AXITO accounting appolication is very suitable for people with little or no accounting knowledge. and at the same time also suitable for the professional accountant. After all, simplicity has never hurt anybody.


Entries in the various diaries (purchase, sale, miscellaneous, financial) are so simple that you can get started within half an hour. You don't have to be an accountant to work with this package.


As far as sales are concerned, you have no extra work (provided you have the AXITO Invoicing Package). After all, the sales invoices can be transferred fully automatically to the sales journal.

AXITO's accounting software: the possibilities are endless

  • Management of customers, suppliers, employees
  • Your own accounting plan, but also the MAR accounting system
  • Unlimited number of journals: purchase journal, sales journal, miscellaneous journal or financial journal.
  • Trial balance, period balances, customer balance, supplier balance, profit and loss account, extensive histories…
  • General ledger, which can also be printed and exported in various forms
  • List all invoices past their due dates with the possibility to send tailor-made reminders with automatic interest calculation.
  • Investments & depreciation table (linear, degressive …)

    With all official lists and export files

    Official lists as directed by the government. These can be automatically read in XML format on the Intervat-website

    • VAT declaration
    • VAT quarterly statement for intra-Community supplies
    • VAT customer listing (the former VAT listing)

    One step further with the accounting module?

    The AXITO accounting application actually already contains everything you need to keep a good dossier. But if you want to go a step further with your accounting, we have a lot of extensions for you:

    • Intrastat & intra-Community declaration
    • Preparation of your annual accounts.
    • Payment calendar: export outgoing payments to import them via Isabel.
    • Tracking and processing direct debits.
    • Process CODA-files to automatically update your financial diary.


    Some accounting software refuses any link with other software. AXITO pursues openness; this means that we want to make as many links as possible with other accounting programs. Perhaps the link with your bookkeeper's accounting software is already provided.