Composed items

Software to manage bundles or assembled articles. Working with composed articles (method 1) is a free standard feature of the AXITO package, but this "method 2" goes much further.

Composed articles: Infinite recursion of articles

Items can be a composition of other items, or an item can be sold as an assemblage of other items.

This module is useful for contractors in the construction industry, among others. In the AXITO invoicing program you already have the option to work with composed products, but the module Composed Items (method 2) allows you to prepare quotations, receipts, etc. in 'blocks' in a much more detailed way. Each composed article can consist of several other 'ordinary' articles, but also of other 'composed articles'. Think eg. to a car, which includes a body, seats and an engine. This engine in turn also consists of various smaller sub-articles. One can go so infinitely deep. A composed article is also referred to as a "bundle".

Composed articles
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