Email and fax

Email has become an indispensable part of our society. Nowadays, most companies send their quotations, receipts and invoices digitally. Sending e-mails from AXITO is therefore included as standard in every formula.

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Email directly from AXITO

  • Fully integrated: so you don't have to switch between windows
  • Not only for quotes, receipts and invoices, but also for lists
  • Never forget to add your attachment to an email again

Is sending from one email address not enough? Then you can use this extension to set up a detailed configuration. Once set up, everything runs automatically!

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Email 2.0: The extension for complex email configuration

  • Different email addresses for different documents/purposes
  • Documents to be sent to different email addresses within the same company
  • Add fixed attachments next to the documents you create in AXITO.
  • Automatically assign a custom signature for each user.
  • Specific email texts for different documents, in different languages
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