Foreign currencies

Prepare invoices, receipts, etc. in any currency. Register purchase receipts in USD or any other currency. Define the currency in advance to a specific customer, supplier or article (group).

Any foreign currency

Buying and selling goods and services to countries with a different currency is not an insurmountable situation. In the AXITO range there is a module that makes it possible to prepare documents in a different currency. This can be in US dollars, British pounds or Japanese yen, for example. Whatever currency you want is possible. 

Sales documents

Link a currency to your customer in advance, and then every invoice, quotation, receipt, etc. for this customer will be drawn up fully automatically in this currency. Any currency is possible.

Purchase documents

Link a currency to your supplier in advance, and then every purchase receipt etc. for this supplier will be drawn up fully automatically in the relevant currency. At the same time, everything (taking into account the exchange rate) is also converted to EUR.

At the same time, you can ensure that your own sales prices are automatically (if desired) recalculated on the basis of any new purchase prices, and then transferred to the article database. Any currency is possible.


The article database also takes into account various currencies and continuously changing exchange rates. This ensures a fast and automatic calculation of your own sales prices. In this case, predetermined profit margins are also continuously taken into account, expressed in discount percentages and/or surcharge percentages and/or factors.