Sales history

Analyze in clear lists and graphs, when and at what price a certain customer bought a certain item in the past. Study his turnover figures for the past years.

Sales ​​history: who, what, when, at what price...?

  • With the module 'Sell history' you can quickly and automatically view and print detailed overviews.
  • In these overviews you will find, among other things, previously created sales invoices and receipts.
  • This module is integrated throughout the AXITO package, and it is one of the most popular modules.
  • You can view sales history overviews per customer, per article, etc.
  • In this way you can very quickly find out when and at what price a certain customer bought a certain article in the past.
  • It is also possible to view the turnover figures of the past 9 years.
Historieken: Verkoophistoriek - AXITO-Software

History overviews per customer

  • When and at what price has a particular customer purchased a particular item in the past?
  • This is very interesting, for example, to check whether a guarantee still applies.
  • You can immediately see whether it is a loyal customer. In addition, you can call up the turnover overviews of the last 5 years (per month), even in graph form.
Historieken: Financiële Historiek - AXITO-Software

History overview by article

When, at what price and to whom has a certain item ever been sold. This way you can also see whether it is a good selling item.

Total sales history

The selection "Total sales history" is an extra and is part of the "Sales History" module free of charge. This choice allows you to call up overviews of a customer or product for the last 5 years, per month and presented in attractive graphs.

Histories based on all documents

You can also call up the option "Total history" directly with the sales invoices, sales delivery notes, sales order notes and quotations. This way you get total turnover overviews (for all customers) of the last 5 years and that per month AND presented in attractive graphs.

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