Stock management

Stock management software. Based on, among other things, minimum, maximum and reserved stock, you can quickly draw up various lists such as order advice, inventory, stock per warehouse, etc. Stock management by the book.

Stock management: How? 

The AXITO stock management works on the basis of many fields, such as :

  • Stock¬†(= current stock)
  • Minimum stock
  • Maximum stock
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Reserved stock (= what customers have ordered, but could not be delivered, because it was not in stock at the time)
  • In order (= what has already been ordered from suppliers, but what is still on its way)
  • Order advice (= a number that is calculated fully automatically by the computer, which advises how much should be reordered at the moment)
All your stock information can be found in the same screen.
Voorraadbeheer Stockbeheer Overzicht -AXITO-software

Connected to other modules

AXITO stock management is fully intertwined with the rest of the AXITO application.

For example, it can work together (depending on your needs and wishes) with the following modules, among others:

All these modules therefore influence the stock fields in the article file. As a result, the stock of your articles is continuously and immediately updated. Please note that many parameters can influence the working method, after all, every company is different.

AXITO stock management and the purchasing modules are almost impossible to think of separately
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