Support for Peppol documents

  • Full European standard.
  • Choose for a digital workflow.
  • Import and export your Peppol documents in an instant.
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Peppol is derived from the UBL standard. However, the UBL standard is so extensive that a slimmed-down form was required for sending and receiving digital invoices. That is why Europe has developed a framework, Peppol, which considerably simplifies the exchange of invoices within the European Union.

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Send invoices to the government

Via our partner Billtobox (Unified Post) you can send your invoices to the government in the usual way. Billtobox acts as a recognized Peppol access point.

Peppol access point
Dr. Haubenlaan 3 bus 33, BE-3630 Maasmechelen +32 (0)89 77 88 77