Webshop synchronisation

Why double-work yourself and edit your data in two different places?

Save yourself a lot of timemoney and effort by linking your webshop to the AXITO application. Synchronize  your articlescustomers and receipts between your webshop and your administration in an instant.

What is a webshop link? 

A webshop link ensures that your data is automatically synchronized between your webshop and your administration. So it is a constant communication between the two that ensures that you do not have to adjust everything twice



In the case of our webshop link, this means that you can manage your entire webshop via AXITO.

Synchronising your products 

Adding and changing products on a webshop takes a lot of time. Moreover, you already have everything in your article file. Why would you even bother to re-enter everything on the webshop?


Thanks to the synchronization of articles between your article file and the webshop, you can manage all products from AXITO. You choose which articles should appear online, and a moment later they are for sale on your webshop.


What's more, you can even automatically send the photos of your products, all descriptions etc. Everything is done from one central hub!

Synchronising your stock 

Do you use stock management? Then the link synchronizes every stock change automatically.


If you sell via the webshop, the link ensures that your stock for that item in AXITO also changes immediately.


If you sell in the store, or via another type of order, the program will pass this on to the webshop to prevent your customers from ordering non-deliverable items.

Automated processing of orders

The communication between AXITO and your webshop is not a one-way street. When customers place orders via the webshop, an order form automatically appears in the application. So you do not have to constantly check the orders yourself via the platform of your webshop.

Discounts, customer accounts and so much more.. 

The webshop link never stands still. Although the above features are undoubtedly the most important, we are constantly expanding the functionality of the link.


For example, additional features currently include synchronizing your discount book and creating customer accounts for existing customers. However, the focus of the link is on the B2C context!