Statistics software for SMEs and the self-employed. Infinite possibilities to help you study the evolution / composition of costs, revenues, results, sales, investments, productivity, profit margins, etc.

Statistics : to measure is to know

If you want to watch over your company, Statistics is the module you need. Statistics contains a variety of features to help you study your company's numbers.

  • View the evolution and/or composition of costs, revenues, results, turnover, investments, productivity, profit margins... and that for a period that you determine yourself.
  • Set up the statistics per customer, supplier, employee, article (group), etc. Everything else is done automatically.

Statistics is the analysis tool par excellence, because measurement is knowledge and knowledge is power!

Statistieken: Bedrijfsresultaten - AXITO-Software

Based on 'evolution'

This type of statistics studies the evolution of e.g. turnover, costs, profit margins, etc. Examples :

  • How has the turnover of the contractors from the Antwerp-North region grown/decreased monthly for the past 15 years?
  • Which articles evolve best?
  • Which articles grow the most (possibly per customer group)?

Based on 'composition'

This kind of statistics studies the composition of e.g. sales, costs, profit margins, etc.

Examples :

  • Show a top 1000 of your best customers, articles etc. based on the turnover of the last 18 months.
  • Which articles (or article groups) score best with private individuals from the Leuven region?
  • Which regions generate the most turnover, concerning 1 specific article or article group?
  • What does customer Janssens Jan spend the most money on? ​

The most unlikely questions get an answer with this statistics module.