Support for eFFF invoices

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AXITO Boekhouding-Accountant

The eFFF standard

The eFFF standard is derived from the UBL standard. This eFFF standard was created as a collaboration between various Belgian software houses, especially of accounting software. That is precisely why this eFFF standard is only used in Belgium. Its success is declining in favor of the PEPPOL standard, which is a standard for the entire European Union.

The eFFF standard is more simple than the PEPPOL standard, because certain values ​​must be entered in it, while they do not even occur in an eFFF file. That is more than enough to exchange invoices.

e-fff facturatiestandaard (logo)

Extensive import and export options

Extensive import and export options The eFFF standard is just one of many standards that AXITO now supports. This standard, like everything else, fits into our general policy for the exchange of e-documents.

It is our mission to ensure that you can easily exchange all your documents fully digitally with any partner.

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