Thanks to the seamless integration of e-invoicing within the AXITO-ERP software, you can immediately send every invoice you create digitally. Whether you need to invoice B2B (business to business) or B2G (business to government), we have a solution for both situations! This feature is part of the more general exchanging e-documents in UBL.

E-invoicing - AXITO Software

Advantages of e-invoicing / e-invoicing

  • Reduction in processing time: invoices no longer have to travel through the post or through mailboxes.
  • Reduction of costs: invoices that are processed faster, are paid faster!
  • Save time: you no longer have to enter or scan your invoices manually.
  • Automation eliminates human error.
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Factureren aan de overheid met Peppol-facturen

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Factureren in Belgische eFFF-standaard

  • EFFF als Belgische standaard
  • Facturen uitwisselen tussen Belgische ondernemingen
  • Snel, eenvoudig, rechtstreeks
What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing is the process whereby invoices are created, sent and processed completely digitally.

What is e-invoicing NOT?

Not every document that you send electronically falls under the heading of e-invoicing (or e-invoicing). The document forms below are all digital or digitized, but are NO forms of e-invoices:

  • Scanned invoices
  • Standard PDF files or Word files
  • Digitized fax documents